I create acrylic paintings that reflect my love of nature and explore perspectives on the natural world.

We all see and experience the world differently, through our own experiences, expectations, and beliefs. Each of us sees the same object, event, or person with our own unique viewpoint. In my art I am exploring the portrayal of the world around me from my viewpoint; what is meaningful for me.

My paintings evolve out of attempts to capture the connectedness that I feel to the natural world. Nature, and especially the lake ("the" lake - Lake of the Woods) has been a source of peace and regeneration for me all my life. As a natural introvert in an extroverted career, I am drawn to scenes of solitude and contemplation.

I have recently begun to consider the themes of connectedness, and of uncovering, as these have been themes in my nursing practice. My nursing work with individuals and families has focused on making meaningful connections and uncovering the person and potentials that were obscured by illness.

I began drawing and painting as a child, and sold a painting at the age of 7 at an exhibition of children's art in Brandon. As an adult, a career in nursing took priority until I attended an exhibition at the cre8ery in 2008. Since that time, I has been exploring my art and developing my style.

My paintings are displayed in and sold from the gallery at the cre8ery, 2nd floor, 125 Adelaide St.., Winnipeg Manitoba. http://www.cre8ery.com/

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dolphin Joy

As several friends and observers have noted, my paintings are very reflective of my mood or where I am at in my life. I often begin paintings by trying to evoke a certain mood - the images follow. This is one of my favourite paintings. I began with a lighthearted feeling, but what was the image? Was it clouds? white flowers? angels? Two visitors to the cre8ery saw dolphins, and immediately that was right. Having seen dolphins playing in the surf, that was the feeling I wanted to project. So here were at least four different viewpoints. I chose Dolphin Joy, but the great thing about abstract art is, it can be whatever you see in it.

The Language of Flowers

In Victorian times, flowers were held to have different meanings. Bouquets sent a message, according to what flowers they were composed of. Even the colour of the flower had a specific meaning. We still ascribe meaning to some flowers - roses signify love, red roses for romantic love, yellow for friendship, for instance.In the language of flowers, irises stand for hope, faith, and wisdom. Tulips mean a declaration of love.