I create acrylic paintings that reflect my love of nature and explore perspectives on the natural world.

We all see and experience the world differently, through our own experiences, expectations, and beliefs. Each of us sees the same object, event, or person with our own unique viewpoint. In my art I am exploring the portrayal of the world around me from my viewpoint; what is meaningful for me.

My paintings evolve out of attempts to capture the connectedness that I feel to the natural world. Nature, and especially the lake ("the" lake - Lake of the Woods) has been a source of peace and regeneration for me all my life. As a natural introvert in an extroverted career, I am drawn to scenes of solitude and contemplation.

I have recently begun to consider the themes of connectedness, and of uncovering, as these have been themes in my nursing practice. My nursing work with individuals and families has focused on making meaningful connections and uncovering the person and potentials that were obscured by illness.

I began drawing and painting as a child, and sold a painting at the age of 7 at an exhibition of children's art in Brandon. As an adult, a career in nursing took priority until I attended an exhibition at the cre8ery in 2008. Since that time, I has been exploring my art and developing my style.

My paintings are displayed in and sold from the gallery at the cre8ery, 2nd floor, 125 Adelaide St.., Winnipeg Manitoba. http://www.cre8ery.com/

Sunday, January 12, 2014

New website

Look for my new site opening soon WilmaSchroederArt.com.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nursing: An Art & a Science - exhibition at University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba is having an art exhibition for Nursing Week, featuring works by graduates of the Faculty of Nursing. My painting, Bridging the Gap, was originally created as a reflection on my nursing practice at the request of colleagues teaching nursing at Red River College, as an exemplar for a creative reflection assignment.

Convergence, and Bamboo

Convergence is the point where lines or objects meet. Here light and dark, bright and dull, collide. Opposing ideas bounce off each other and fragment.
This is an impression of a photo taken by my friend Cate Keating. Bamboo, seen against a purple wall. The photo is sharp and clear. My impression is of the colours, seen through a downpour or watering eyes, lines blur and smudge together. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Encaustic is fantastic

I took an encaustic painting class at the cre8ery today. What a lot of fun! Created 5 small paintings, just playing around with it. I will definitely do more of this!

Work in progress

I can't decide if this is finished or not. I think it still needs something but what??

Sunday, May 13, 2012

When I was 7, I took art classes at the Brandon Art Centre. We had a show, and my teacher entered two of my paintings. One, depicting a school of fish, sold for the great sum of $5! The other was this painting of a bear and a partridge in a winter forest. This year I thought it would be fun to paint the bear again, in his adulthood. So here he is, the Winter Bear, 46 years later. (The absence of the partridge has no great significance other than it seems I can't paint a credible bird!)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Well, it's been a while but I was finally back in the studio today. I did some work on this painting, which started out as a watery green undersea image but when I tried to add a few fish they looked terrible and I was afraid I had ruined it. I'm liking it more now and musing about what it has evolved into. Still under the sea, I think. Perhaps water sprites? ghosts of the deep? fish in camouflage? I'll have to live with it for a while to see how it speaks to me.